my name is heba i am 19 & i am studying biological science and i will convert to midical to be what i am trying to be and give ahelp to people who need it. and i hope i will be agood guitar player in the futer and travel to country that i didnt travel to it

Sunday, July 25, 2004

my summaryof
 Violent Crime On The Rise 
                The over crowded neighborhoods of many big american cities are all plagued with senseless violent crime. The types of violent crime range from arson and burglary to assault rape, and murder. the saolution to this growing problems is to examine and deal with the causes. However, an obvious trigger to violence is easy access to guns and firearms but hand guns are by far the most common murder weapon. Also the number of violent crimes involving guns is very high and continues to grow in the u.s. Most inner city crimes are drug related in some way. The overwhelming poverty that afflicts many residents have a direct link to the amount of crime. This crimes can become an increasingly serious problem for society. people commit violent crimes for many different reasons and many experts feel that punishment is the best way to deter crime, whereas others that the best way to reduce crime is to rehabilitate criminals but there probably is no one best way to solve the priblem of violent.


Blogger Renata said...

This is an interesting topic. Here in Japan only the police have guns, but organized criminal organizations sometimes smuggle in guns.
Have you seen Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine? It was very thought-provoking

5:45 AM

Blogger blondy said...

1)yes it was very clear and easy.
2)yes she gave me enough instructions
3)No it was easy and enjoyable.
4)yes i enjoy working in groups becase its usefulin sharing information and helpful.
5)yes it help me to improve my english in writing and reading.
6)yes because some students they didnt know how to use it, so they need to take more sessions and it also queker.
7)the most enjoyable was the toutorial and the photoes.
8)nothing should be add because its the best.
9)yes it was my first time and i learned new things about presentation and one of them was that shouldnt present with wearing jeins.

7:12 AM

Blogger Buthaina al-Othman said...

Thanks Heba for providing your feedback on the online program of EfS 162 Summer 2004.

I'm glad everything was easy and clear for you and that you have enjoyed creating and using a photoblog. BTW, you haven't written anything yet on your blog! I only saw the photos. The purpose of that project is to enhance your writing skill, however.

Regarding wearing jeans for a presentation, it is not a big mistake. What I meant duirng our deiscussion on preesntations at the c-lab, was that if you want to have a professional look when you give a presentation, in the future, avoid wearing jeans.

Thanks, again, Heba and I wish you all the best.

EfS Instructor: Buthaina

P.s Heba, please note that you have posted your feedback to comments area! Therefore, it cannot be viewed on the main page of your blog. To post and publish a new item you need to choose New Post. Try again please.

5:08 PM

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